Wisdom Teeth Removal in Tulsa, OK

Avoid impaction, infection, and pain with wisdom teeth removal.

By the age of 18, the average adult has 32 teeth. Truthfully, the human mouth has changed over time, and is now usually only able to hold 28 teeth. When 32 teeth try to fit into a mouth made to hold 28 teeth, it can be painful and problematic.

The four teeth that emerge in early adulthood are called third molars, or wisdom teeth.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

When the wisdom teeth align properly and have sufficient space to emerge, there is no need to remove them. Unfortunately, this is not generally the case.

Our dentists will take x-rays of your mouth to learn more about the status of your wisdom teeth. This exam should usually occur shortly before the age of 18. For most people, the wisdom teeth pose various threats to their overall health.

Wisdom teeth may:

  • Grow in sideways
  • Partially emerge from the gum
  • Remain trapped beneath the gum and bone
  • Create pressure that disrupts the alignment of the teeth
  • Cause the formation of cysts

When wisdom teeth come in crooked, they push the remaining teeth and cause discomfort. When they erupt only partially, the opening around the teeth promotes bacterial growth, often leading to an infection that affects the whole body. Cyst formation causes the destruction of the jawbone and teeth.

Early wisdom teeth removal protects you from all of these problems. Your Spring Dental experts can take a closer look to help you determine whether wisdom teeth removal is necessary or not.

What to Expect from the Removal

  1. We will provide a local anesthesia and other sedation options to make sure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.
  2. Your dentist will extract the wisdom teeth, usually in small pieces.
  3. The gum is sutured, and we may give you a piece of gauze to bite down on.

We will provide you with instructions to ensure comfort and success at home after your wisdom teeth removal.

Enjoy a Safe and Compassionate Environment

Rest assured that we provide all of our services in an environment of maximum safety. With modern equipment and a compassionate approach, we hope you enjoy your experience. To schedule an appointment, call our office today!