Dental Inlays & Onlays in Tulsa, OK

Fortify a damaged tooth with a durable inlay or onlay.

Do you have extensive dental damage, or a large filling you need to replace?

Inlays and onlays are a more conservative solution than a full crown. Inlays and onlays fit onto the tooth in a customized way, just like a filling does, but they are milled like a crown for greater durability.

Inlays fit between the cusps of the tooth, while onlays are made to extend over one or more cusps. With either one of these solutions, you can protect your tooth and retain your comfort.

Is an Inlay or Onlay Right for Me?

During your consultation, our Spring Dental professionals will help you decide whether an inlay or an onlay is the best solution for you.

Because we design our inlays and onlays in a lab, you can expect the process to take two visits.

At your first appointment, we will prepare the tooth by removing the decay or old dental work. We will take a mess-free digital impression of the tooth to design your new restoration. In the meantime, we can provide you with a temporary restoration to safeguard the tooth.

At your second appointment, we will remove the temporary restoration. We’ll check the fit and aesthetic of your new inlay or onlay. We will cement it to the tooth, and then polish it until you are satisfied with the way it looks and feels.

Once your inlay or onlay is complete, you will enjoy healthier, stronger, and more attractive teeth.

Beautiful Restorations that Suit your Smile

We use ceramic restorations, which are preferable to other materials used for inlays and onlays. Your inlay or onlay is naturally colored, carefully matched to your natural teeth.

You deserve the best, so at Spring Dental, we design our inlays and onlays with a tough ceramic material that is indistinguishable from the natural teeth. The benefits of our inlays and onlays include:

  • They blend perfectly with the rest of your smile
  • Great addition to an overall smile makeover
  • No risk of the inlays and onlays becoming discolored over time
  • Easy to clean as part of your daily routine
  • Strong and durable

We’re Here to Help!

We welcome you to our state-of-the-art facility. Our Spring Dental experts will do everything they can to elevate your comfort and safety. If you’re wondering if dental inlays and onlays might be right for you, please contact our team to learn more today.