How Often Should I Change My Toothbrush

In the past few decades, public knowledge of proper dental care has increased significantly. We are constantly searching for new ways to take care of our smiles and keep them healthy. Something that is commonly overlooked is changing out the toothbrush you are using. While it may seem like a small detail, the toothbrush you use has a significant impact on your oral health.

Choosing A Type Of Toothbrush

It is important to ensure you are using the right type of toothbrush. Speak with both your dentist and dental hygienist to determine which type would be best for you. Brush types range from soft-bristled to hard-bristled. Most dental professionals will agree that soft bristled brushes are best for most individuals, as they do a good job of removing plaque and tartar without causing damage to the gums. Hard bristled brushes tend to be too rough, causing damage to the gum tissue around the teeth. In addition to this, it is not uncommon for an individual to apply too much pressure when brushing. This can eventually lead to the loss of gum tissue around the teeth, which can cause them to become loose over time. Individuals who brush with too much pressure will also experience pain and bleeding when brushing.

Bacteria And Germs

The effectiveness of a toothbrush is certainly a factor to consider when determining if it is time to switch! The presence of bacteria and germs on the brush is something to consider, as well. Over time, bacteria and germs are able to build up on the bristles due to the humidity and dampness present in the air.

Changing Out Your Toothbrush

It is generally recommended an individual changes out their toothbrush every three months, or when the toothbrush becomes worn out. Once the bristles have become worn out, they become unable to efficiently remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth. Despite even the best of brushing efforts, a brush with worn out bristles just won’t do the trick. It is important to ensure you are replacing your toothbrush regularly in order to maintain the best home hygiene practices as  possible.

If you are having trouble choosing the right type of toothbrush when it comes time to change your old one out, the team at Spring Dental will be able to help you determine which brush type is best for you. Call or text Spring Dental to schedule your appointment!